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Website Terms of Use
  1. We (i.e. Augview Limited) either own or otherwise have the right to licence all the intellectual property and related content displayed on our website.  You are permitted to view this information only, and you must not make copies of any material on this website, or otherwise attempt to alter, hack, attack, or try to gain unauthorised access to our systems, or in any way deal with our website unless in accordance with the terms stated in clause 2 below. You are only permitted to use the material on our website for considering whether to purchase our products and services, or for seeking support and assistance if you are already a customer.
  2. If you wish to purchase one or more licences to use our software, then our separate Software Licence Terms will apply to those transactions.
  3. Any personal information you supply to us will be managed either in accordance with the Software Licence Terms if you are a customer, or, in all other circumstances, and to the extent that you voluntarily supply personal information to us, we will store your personal information and use it for the purposes of our proposed business with you and for informing you of our wider products and services from time to time.  You consent to receiving electronic messages from us from time to time in this regard. You may at any time request access your personal information in order to change it or to delete it and prevent any further use of it.
  4. If we provide you with a user name and password log in to our website, then you must use that information as directed by us from time to time and must keep that information secret and confidential at all times.
  5. Our products and services are only to be used in conjunction with our separate Software Licence Terms.  We otherwise disclaim and exclude all liability to you to the fullest extent permitted by law.
If you have any queries, please contact us.
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