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About the Augview product

Augview software on your smartphone or tablet connects directly to one or more GIS web servers over a secure internet connection. Geographic asset data is then requested from the web server and displayed on a smartphone or tablet either as a map, text or as a 3D visualization. Asset information (cables, poles, etc) can then be edited directly by the user in the field and the data on the server is updated immediately and without any additional administrative overhead.

With a modern user interface, Augview has been designed using familiar layouts and concepts that allow staff to leverage their existing knowledge of everyday mobile phone and tablet applications. We provide all the power of a mobile GIS in a way that a non-GIS user can understand and work with effectively.

Augmented reality technology is used to display a 3D model of asset on top of the video feed allowing the users to ‘see’ objects on the device that may be obscured in the real world. This increases the field workers understanding of their environment without any prior experience.

Augview software provides the new generation of employees with a product that meets their demand for innovative and intuitive tools, enabling them to rapidly increase productivity and efficiency.

Augview has been designed according to OGC standards which allows your business to leverage public data as well as providing flexibility in how to connect to corporate data. In addition to supporting the OGC services, Augview also supports Smallworld GSS native services and ESRI ArcServer Restful services.

Being completely platform agnostic allows Augview to work seamlessly across the Android, Windows 8, Windows Phone 8 and Apple iOS platforms with a consistent look and feel. The benefit to your business is that users can freely move between platforms without worrying about software compatibility or changes in behavior or functionality. Augview licenses can be transferred easily without any charge to any platform or form factor.

From day one our goal has been to develop a field solution that focused on using new technology to solve today's GIS problem. With Augview we have harnessed the power of traditional GIS and combined it with augmented reality to deliver a field solution that people want to use.

We have compiled the most common questions we are being asked and answered them here

Frequently Asked Questions

Minimum Requirement

Getac 5


Consumer end visualisation is what our existing GIS investment was missing – AugView was a logical and convenient fit to our engineering, environmental, construction and tendering processes.

David W Jaunay

THIESS GIS & AMS Coordinator

Spatial Engineering Services

The application made it very fast and easy to identify the underground services and the associated access pits I was looking for. There was no guess work in wondering where the existing services were in the ground or if I was at the right location for the services I needed. This application would be an invaluable tool for any company that regularly uses or installs underground services for identifying potential underground hazards.

Kieron Henare

Exell Group Services Ltd


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