Augmented Reality

With Augview Augmented Reality your mobile GIS solution becomes a much more sophisticated and effective tool for field staff. Using your GIS data in combination with your device's sensors, Augview is able to transpose your assets in their real world location on top of the device video feed. This enables field workers to visualize objects that can't been seen with the naked eye, such as a buried cable or a sewerage pipe. From the augmented reality display the user can actually select the cable or pipe that is in front of them and see the objects attributes.

This is an entirely different way to view, interrogate and maintain real world assets. These advances are more intuitive and easier for users to understand which results in a more well informed and more efficient field worker.
Augview Augmented Reality GIS

Multi-Platform Native Application

Augview has been developed using a native application technology which allows it to be completely device agnostic. In other words, Augview has all the performance benefits of a native application but unlike many other 'single-source' approaches, it is able to operate with a consistent look and feel on nearly any Android, iOS or Windows phone or tablet. This provides the users with the same familiar interface on whichever device or devices they use. In turn, this allows organizations and their sub-contractors to run Augview on whatever mobile hardware they prefer - and know that in the future they will not be restricted to a certain operating system if they decide to adopt a different platform. If an organization did choose to change hardware platforms, the benefit of the consistent look and feel is that there is no need to retrain staff in how to use Augview.

Enhanced Security

Augview has enhanced security features to protect against unwanted access to the application on your device and to your database. Access to Augview can be granted and revoked at any time by you. If a device is lost or stolen, you can simply log in to the web-based management portal and disable that device's access remotely. That means, there is no need to worry about sensitive commercial data being accessed by an unauthorized user.
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Scalable Licensing

One of the benefits of Augview is our scalable licensing portal. This allows you to add, swap or remove licenses as you see fit. Augview licensing provides flexibility for short-term projects where a full license may be excess to requirements as well as projects where there may be a need to increase the use of Augview for only a short time. Licenses can be moved around between devices and platforms so that field staff can use Augview on their phone and then transition the license to their tablet if a larger screen is desired. And best of all, it can be done by you, online, instantly and without any fees.

Flexible Control Over Your Data

With Augview, you have the flexibility to determine the source of your data and how many sources you would like to combine. Source data may include layers from Google Maps, Bing and/or OpenStreetMaps in conjunction with publicly available datasets from a government department. By providing as much relevant information as can be sourced, Augview equips field workers with a wealth of information that can assist them in the decision making process.

One of the major benefits of Augview is the ability to get a much more complete view of your surroundings by pulling in data from as many sources as possible. This allows a field worker to combine asset data from telecommunications, gas, electricity and water networks with data like soil profiles, protected trees and geological features in addition to aerial photography, work plans and schematics, all from one device in map view or through augmented reality. This reduces the need for multiple devices and stacks of paper.
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Compatible With Multiple GIS Servers

Augview can connect to multiple types of GIS servers using OGC standard services as well as native web services such as Smallworld GeoSpatial Server and ESRI ArcGIS Server. Augview can display and interact with multiple datasets from multiple sources at the same time, allowing the user to simply turn on or off the datasets that they wish to see. The user has full control over what data they want to display on either the map, or augmented reality. Augview is an excellent dial-before-you-dig tool as it can request underground water, electricity, gas and telecommunications data from multiple sources and overlay it all in one easy to see map.
Augview GIS object viewer


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