Frequently Asked Questions

Does Augview only do augmented reality?

No. It goes well beyond augmented reality and is in fact a powerful GIS field solution. Augview offers the ability to view and interrogate your spatial data on a mobile device in combination with data from multiple sources. For an organization that wants to provide service provisioning or is installing underground assets, Augview provides a system which can pull in data from a number of companies and local agencies to provide the user with a greater level of understanding of the existing infrastructure, both above and below the ground.

What makes Augview different to other GIS field solutions is that on top of its standard GIS functionality it also provides the user with an augmented reality view.

Where does Augview source its data?

The data displayed in Augview can come from multiple sources. Most of the time the main source of data comes from the client GIS web server, such as Smallworld GSS or ESRI ArcGIS Server. Supplementary data can come from publicly available sources like government departments or universities, and private sources such as Google Maps, Open Street Maps or any other web server which conforms to OGC compliant web standards. It is up to the client to determine what sources of data they want to display in Augview and in situations where data is not free (such as Google), the client must negotiate directly with the data supplier.

Is the Augview application downloaded to every device?

Yes. For iPad, iPhone and Windows users, you can download Augview from the business section of your app store or marketplace. This download will only become available after you have authorization. For Android users, you can download Augview from our server.

How can I purchase a license?

We make the purchase process very easy. Simply go to our product page and order any number of licenses. Our helpful sales team will contact you to discuss the best payment and installation method for your organization.


Will Augview work on my device?

We test the Augview software on the most popular mobile devices in the market. That includes devices like iPhones, iPads, Samsung Galaxy phones and tablets and other popular brands. In order to be able to use all the functionality Augview offers it is recommended that your mobile device meet our minimum hardware requirements. For a list of the devices that we fully support, contact our support staff.

Device Operating System Availability
Android Yes
iOS Yes
Windows Phone 8 Coming Soon
Windows 8 Coming Soon
Blackberry No

Which GIS services are supported?

Augview supports OGC compliant WMS and WFS web services. Augview also includes default support for Smallworld GeoSpatial Server native services as well as ESRI ArcGIS Server Restful services. We are also able to handle custom web-services if required, meaning you can have complete control over your choice of back-end technology when using Augview.


What training is required for new users?

 We observed that at the end of 2012 smartphone penetration for many countries was over 40%, so with that in mind, in order to minimize training requirements we designed the Augview interface to be as familiar as possible to existing smartphone and tablet users. In addition we have produced step-by-step video tutorials and in-depth documentation which provides users with a significant resource base to accomplish normal tasks. By using our support videos and documentation, there should be no need for formal training courses. Of course, any issues can be raised with our support team who will happily assist you.

How is Augview supported?

Where many other companies leverage low cost international help desk and development agencies to cover support, Augview is supported 100% by our developers and technical specialists. Any queries via email, phone or Skype will be processed by our technical team, while any development related support will come directly from our in-house team of Augview programmers. We realize that fast detailed support is critical to ensuring minimal downtime and user proficiency, and as such we aim to provide all our clients with exceptional customer assistance.


What does Augview do with my personal data?

Augview does not access any personal data on your device. Also importantly, Augview does not store any commercially sensitive data on your device. Unlike typical mobile applications which access your contacts and personal data, Augview is entirely self-contained to ensure we are providing a secure solution.


Do I need to provide data with Z-coordinates in order to use Augview?

No. Many objects stored in a GIS have some kind of height or depth attribute. Augview can use this value to generate 3D models. Alternatively, objects such as pipes and cables are buried to a standard specification allowing Augview to display the model with a default value.


How do contractors use Augview?

Augview authorization allows companies to provide access to their contractors the same way as they provide access to their internal staff. Access levels and security clearance for certain functions is controlled by the GIS owner to ensure that their data is secure.


Can we use RAMM data?

Not currently. Please contact us if you would like to discuss using Augview to access RAMM data.

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