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Map View AR View Attributes Editor
Map View Augmented Reality Attributes Editor
Search Layer Control Settings
Search Layer Control Settings

Map View

The Augview Map View allows users to visualize their data just as a standard GIS user or a Google Maps™ visitor sees the data displayed. The Augview Map View makes it easy for users to show or hide certain layers and more impressively it has the ability to do this sourcing data from multiple sources. That means, you could display an underground telephone cable layer from Smallworld™ at the same time as soil composition from Esri on top of aerial photography from Google Maps.
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Augmented Reality

Simply put, augmented reality is computer generated content visualized in the real world. Within Augview, we provide users with the ability to see assets that would normally be obscured such as buried cables, trenches or pits. Spatial awareness is provided by the compass, accelerometer and gyroscope and once the computer generated world is built and combined with the camera feed users are able to see their data in a highly meaningful way.
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Attributes Editor

Through Augview it is possible to read attribute data from the database. Our attributes editor also provides the functionality to send updates back to the database which significantly reduces data handling and therefore minimizes the chances of human introduced errors. This allows instant updates to occur, raising flags for potential faults, safety notifications and accurate asset location. Please note that not all servers or software configurations have the ability to receive live updates from the field and the licensed version of Augview that is currently offered is read only. The ability to edit data remotely is unique for every organization so please contact us regarding your requirements.



Start searching for a road in Augview and a list of potential candidates will be automatically filtered out for you. For clients with a small network, this means finding the correct address is a simple and easy task, while clients with a huge network, will find that our search functionality provides a clear interface for locating that specific point of interest. Our search tools are designed to be simple, functional and extremely easy to use for anyone.
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Layer Control

Augview provides full control of the layer visibility across multiple datasets and data sources. This means if a user has access to gas and electrical network data from one source and telecommunications and electrical network data from another source, they can control Augview layer visibility so that only electric data is displayed in both the map view as well as within the augmented reality scene.



Through Augview's settings much of the application is able to be tailored to fit the user. Settings such as the height of the user can be specified to provide highly accurate spatial visualization in augmented reality, as well as the ability to choose and select color themes for the map view. It should be noted that some settings are dependent on the type of web server that is in use and the users server authorization level. We believe that providing the user with the ability to fit Augview to their needs we have a product that users will actually want to use and enjoy work with.

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